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Slavik Tsimura, our Program Director is a professional educational expert in the field of education. He is well respected and well-liked by colleagues, parents, and students.

He displays excellent leadership skills, as a professional certified teacher, motivator, music teacher, tutor, and student of education. He always goes above and beyond to help his students learn. His rapport with both students and parents is amazing, which is why he is so successful in making a difference in students' lives. He is an extension to your child's school and your child's success. As a Program Director, he always works closely with each tutor, parent, and school whether it be a teacher, psychologist, or guidance counselor. His background in Education allows him to offer input on a wide range of topics. He has worked with numerous students and parents in the Washington DC area ranging from Special Needs to Gifted and Talented. As a balanced and well versed educational expert he will


Help ease your mind and make you feel comfortable
Administer specific evaluation exams to determine your child’s need
Offer advice on starting or finishing homework
Help engage your child in a fun way
Show you that Academics can be combined with Music
Provide strategies for intervention or enrichment


Friendly, Knowledgeable, Social Teachers

We at Academics and Music value the notion that teachers and staff of an educational community determine the success of our students. We pride ourselves on four core values.

Building Confidence

We believe that confidence leads to success. Our teachers help students master a subject area and learn an instrument. In return, the student is more inclined to participate and be engaged in school.

Knowledgeable and Friendly Teachers

We not only hire teachers with impressive credentials but teachers who have innate talents and skills and are experts at engaging your child to their fullest potential. Our teachers are friendly, social, and most of all committed to you and your child success.

Creating a Community

We believe in open communication between the school, home, and most importantly your child. Our teachers take the time to introduce themselves to the school and child’s teacher. They open up a line of communication that allows for the classroom teacher to recommend specific skills that your child can be working on to reinforce or enrich at home. All of our teachers work on a one-on-one level with your child but we listen to everyone’s concerns so that we may personalize the instruction in a manner that creates a learning community.

Challenging Students with a New Skill

We offer parents the opportunity for children to master a subject area and learn a new instrument at the same time. We believe this can improve cognition, communication, literacy, social and emotional development, functional abilities, and an overall better physical well-being. We pride ourselves in hiring teachers who are capable of teaching Academics and Music.



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parent testimonials

"Slavik Tsimura is a highly motivated, competent gentleman who is aware of the needs of students. He is hardworking, dependable, caring, and creative."

"I highly recommend Academics and Music to any parent and the opportunity to work with Slavik. He is an asset to any school or business."

"Nicole is so kind and patient with my kids and certainly has given Ava a love of the violin."

"Your tutor, Megan was always ready to offer my son fun activities to learn. He looked forward to seeing her every week and I feel that she surpassed any expectation we had!"

"We have been with you for 6 months now and we have loved every moment. Thank you for giving our child a fresh start!"