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A&M is an all-inclusive mobile tutoring and music education program. We bring you the teacher, instruments, music books, and any other necessary supplies. A&M is the only mobile education program that combines tutoring and music lessons, increasing the level of engagement and maximizing the student's potential. A&M provides on-site group music lessons at local elementary, middle schools, churches, and community centers. Please contact us to find a group lesson in your area.


The best of academics and music

The majority of young students have a window of time in which they retain the most information. This window opens and closes depending on the student’s engagement level. Our Academics and Music Program provides 40 minutes of tutoring subject matter and 20 minutes of teaching an instrument, maximizing the student’s potential.

Music is an essential component of achievement in academics. Numerous studies and research have shown that music develops functions in the brain. Spatial temporal reasoning is the ability to maintain and transform mental images when a physical model is not present. This is specifically required for higher order thinking. It has been proven that students receiving music instruction significantly increase spatial temporal reasoning, which brings forth success on tests, quizzes, and other assignments. In addition, it can improve a student’s social and emotional development along with an overall boost of self-esteem.

Struggling students involved with learning an instrument perform better than struggling students who are not learning an instrument. Our highlight Academics and Music program can be the answer if your child is…


Performing below level in reading, writing, or math
Lacking the confidence needed for school
Having problems with organization, study, or time management skills
Has an IEP, 504, ILP, or Targeted
Has a physical, social, or emotional disability

Academics and Music combines tutoring and music and that can be the answer for your child. At Academics and Music our philosophy has always been to work hard for our students because we truly believe in their success and we believe each student can learn Academics and Music.

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